2017 Year In Review

Banner: From left to right: David Bowman, Brent Edgerton, Matt Barber, Simon Collie

2017 was another year of Professional, Personal and Social growth for Bonisch Consultants.

Bonisch assisted and completed numerous projects throughout the year including; Invercargill HW Richardson Group Digger Park, Mataura Valley Milk Project McNab Gore, Lake Street Development, Invercargill and Dunedin City Council Peninsula Connection to name a few.

With services including; Land Subdivision, Resource Management & Planning, Land Development, Building & Construction Set-Out, Surveying, Project Management, Civil Engineering.

Bonisch introduced 6 new team members to support this growth. Excited to bring you the following services are:

Charlotte Savage - Christchurch Surveyor

Dillon Von Solms - Invercargill Land Development Engineer

Danelle Harris - Invercargill Office Administrator

Simon Collie - Invercargill Senior Engineer

Matt Barber - Invercargill Graduate Surveyor

Brent Edgerton - Invercargill Senior Surveyor

Coming Up In 2018....

David Bowman will be joining our Surveying Team in Invercargill and will provide Quality Assurance for Bonisch.

Tim Elder, Surveyor - will be bringing Bonisch Knowledge and Expertise to the Kaikoura Region. He will be more than happy to assist with any enquiries you may have and the services Bonisch can provide.

Boyd Wilson

Managing Director
At the head of the Bonisch operation is Managing Director Boyd Wilson. Boyd started in the industry in the late 80s and spent some time working in London, before returning to New Zealand where he joined Noel Bonisch. In 2010, he took over the company with Craig Ireland and serves as its managing director. Under his watchful eye, Boyd continues to challenge and push the company toward sustainable growth, co-ordinating projects all over New Zealand.

Craig Ireland

Christchurch Branch Director / Development
Craig has been with Bonisch for 13 years and holds a Bachelor of Surveying. For the past few years, Craig has been heavily involved with the post-earthquake Canterbury rebuild and other projects further afield. From subdivision, land development infrastructure and multi-unit developments, Craig’s experience is second to none.

Mark O'Connor

Christchurch Branch Manager / Surveyor
Appointed as Christchurch Branch Manager July 2018. Mark joined our Invercargill team in 2014 after graduating from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Surveying. He moved to our Christchurch Office in 2015. He has developed expertise on residential, commercial and industrial developments across New Zealand. As an ex National Championship Rower & Coach, Mark looks to transfer successful team dynamics from the boat to his relationships in the industry.

Glenn O'Connor

Chartered Professional Engineer / Director
Chartered Professional Engineer Glenn has been with Bonisch for the better part of three years, bringing a wealth of civil engineering experience to the team. After spending 15 years working on big ticket jobs in the North Island, Glenn now directs Bonisch’s major infrastructure projects. Glenn joined Boyd and Craig as a director in 2016 and his unique skill set makes him a key part of the leadership team.

John Engel

Environmental Manager
Bonisch Environmental Manager John has been with the company for five years. Armed with a Bachelor of Engineering in Agriculture, he spent more than 30 years working in a regulatory and management role at the Southland Regional Council (Environment Southland). With extensive experience in processing resource consent applications, John helps our clients to prepare their applications for a range of activities associated with industrial, municipal, coastal and rural businesses.

Christine McMillan

Senior Planner
Senior Planner Christine has worked with Bonisch for 10 years specialising in land use planning, resource consenting and subdivision and private plan changes. With a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and a Masters of Planning behind her, Christine works on a wide range of projects throughout New Zealand.

Adam Ronald

Engineering Team Leader
Adam has been with Bonisch for more than three years and has more than 10 years’ experience in the civil consulting industry. With a Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Adam has a hands-on role in the day to day dealings with our clients and the management of our projects throughout the country.

Johnathan Hodson

Te Anau Branch Manager / Surveyor
After graduating from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Surveying, Survey Manager Johnathan spent the first year of his career as a student with Bonisch. Fifteen years later, Johnathan now splits his time between the Invercargill and Te Anau offices, working on a range of activities, from topographical, land and engineering surveys, to cadastral and construction surveys throughout Southland and Otago.

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