Whether you’re building a new home or undertaking a large or small scale commercial or industrial development, employing the skills of a licensed surveyor can increase project efficiency as well as assist you with council compliance certifications.

The team of experts at Bonisch Consultants can provide a number of services to ensure your project is a success.

Site (Topo) Surveys

The basis of a good design is accurate information.

We can collect all necessary information on your site including contours, drainage, roads, trees etc, and accurately provide this in both paper and digital formats.

This information can then be utilised for house design, the basis of subdivision or other land development projects.

Building Set-Out

Why spend hours profiling a building foundation when we can pin out each corner in a matter of minutes.

We’ll provide a certified copy of the set-out data to council, showing the building’s relationship to the legal boundaries.

We can also confirm the location of registered building platforms to ensure that the house is in the box.

Site Set-Out

Working with minimum grades or have tight site tolerances?

We can assist with simple on-site design and set-out to remove any doubt within your construction project.

Finished Floor Level

In some cases a Finished Floor Level (FFL) can be as simple as a measurement up from a cleared site but in others it is much more complex, including calculating a minimum height above flowing stormwater.

We can assist you with determining an appropriate FFL and then provide the necessary certification to the consenting authority.

Height in Relation to Boundary and Maximum Height Certification

Don’t upset the neighbours! If your building is pushing the limits of the relevant planning controls, then get us to check it for compliance prior to pouring the foundation.

This can avoid costly mistakes; building alterations or retrospective consents for a non-compliant building can be expensive.

Siting Certification

Foundations poured already?

Often council will still require a siting certificate if the building is located within one metre of a legal boundary.

We can undertake a quick check to confirm your compliance and provide the required certification.

Multi-Level Set-Out

Constructing a multi-level building?

We can provide horizontal and vertical controls to ensure there is no ‘creep’ during the construction process.

This application can also be applied to large scale industrial and commercial developments.

For other related services we provide, please see our Surveying and Subdivision pages.

Download our Building & Construction Set-Out insert page as a PDF

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