Land development projects typically occur with a change in land use or with an expansion or redevelopment of an existing land use.

Bonisch Consultants have been a key delivery partner in a range of projects including sports field upgrades, retirement villages, quarry/mining activities, tourist ventures, airport extensions, commercial/industrial site works, dairy farm conversions, forestry development and land subdivisions.

Resource Consent Applications

Like death and taxes the requirement for consents goes hand in hand with the development of land based projects.

These applications specifically address the effects of the change or expansion in land use and how any adverse effects will be mitigated.

Our experienced Resource Management Planners produce thorough but ‘to the point’ consent applications that address the issues but look to simplify rather than complicate.

Engineering Design

With most projects there is an element of engineering design required which is typically associated with infrastructure requirements like earthworks, service reticulation and roading.

Our design team specialise in civil engineering design and often liaise with architectural, geotechnical, environmental and structural professionals to cover all elements of a project. We utilise modern engineering design software including 12d, Land Development Desktop and Autocad, and can provide all information in the required formats.

Land Development or Building Consent Approvals

Once resource consents are in place and design work completed a formal approval process is required either under the New Zealand Building Code or a relevant New Zealand Standard.

We act as an agent on behalf of our clients and work closely with the Territorial Authorities to ensure all necessary approvals are in place before the project commences.

Preparation of Contract Documentation

An accurate way to quantify cost is to detail all project items in a spreadsheet format. This allows clear and concise identification of quantity/cost and how any changes will impact on the bottom line. It also minimises the opportunity for unexpected and often expensive variations.

The project spreadsheet compliments a project specification, which details how the work is to be undertaken and what standard is expected to be achieved. The project specification also covers the requirements of site management, health and safety, traffic management and quality assurance.

Along with a set of approved project plans, Bonisch have all the contract document requirements covered.

Tender, Evaluate and Award

Whether it is a competitive tender or preferred supplier, there are a number of options to ensure your project is costed appropriately.

Lowest conforming tender gives you a snapshot of the current market conditions however there can be ‘fish hooks’ to consider. Sometimes a preferred supplier is more appropriate, particularly where the project is unique and it is difficult to quantify cost.

We have the experience and a database of real world costing information that can assist your project.

All contract documentation is then bound into a final contract, issued and signed prior to works commencing.

The days of handshake agreements are unfortunately over.

Project Management and Site Observations

Earthworks, roading, drainage, telecommunications, electricity – there is a logical order of installation but site dynamics need to be well managed to ensure the project does not derail. Please refer to our Project Management page for more information.

Site observations are also important to ensure an accurate site diary and to validate the engineer’s certification at the end of the project. We schedule project meetings and then actually turn up!

Contract Administration

Unless otherwise agreed all land development costs are issued and received monthly, with claim schedules assessed and approved for payment. Bonisch Consultants undertake rigorous audits of monthly claims to ensure the claimed amounts accurately represent the works completed.

Often the funding organisation will request a progress report to be accompanied with the payment schedule. We produce clear and concise project spreadsheets and a written report to assist with project finance.

Compliance and Certifications

Location, location, location? In the land development profession it is compliance, compliance, compliance. A poor compliance process at the end of a substantial financial outlay can ‘break’ a project due to delays in settlement or the return on the investment.

At Bonisch the compliance documentation is at the front of the project file not on the back floor of the ute. Your compliance is managed on a day to day basis and we will ensure that your project successfully gets across the line.

For other related services we provide please refer to our Subdivision, Engineering, Resource Management and Project Management pages.

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