Resource management is an integral part of any planning or development project.

The Resource Management Act is designed to ensure sustainable management of New Zealand’s natural resources, however the regulatory environment can be difficult to navigate and result in a lot of red tape to get through when undertaking a building or development project.

The resource management planners at Bonisch Consultants are well qualified and experienced to assist you in moving your project through the consenting process in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Environmental Planning

Whether your project is large or small, we’ll work with you in the planning stage to ensure resource management considerations are taken into account from the outset.

We can advise on district and regional plans applicable to your property and assist with project design to make the resource consent process as smooth as possible or avoid the need for a consent altogether.

Resource Consent Applications

Many activities require resource consents from district and/or regional councils. The types of consents typically required include:

Land Use Consent

Required for a variety of developments including building a new dwelling or accessory building, making additions or alterations to an existing building, changing the use of a building (e.g. to run a business from a residential property), undertaking earthworks and gravel extraction.

Subdivision Consent

Required to divide a property into two or more titles or make adjustments to the boundary of a property.

Coastal Permit

Required for developments in coastal areas, including building or altering a structure, dredging the foreshore or seabed, taking sand or shell, marine farming and discharging water or contaminants.

Discharge Permit

Required for the discharge of contaminants into the environment such as wastewater, stormwater, dairy farm effluent disposal.

Water Permit

Required to take or use water from a river, stream, lake, well or bore, or to dam or divert water.

Obtaining a resource consent requires an application to council. Bonisch Consultants can help you obtain the necessary information and prepare the application on your behalf.

Assessment of Environmental Effects

Applications for resource consent must have an assessment of environmental effects attached to them.

Our experience in resource management means that we have a good insight into what councils are looking for in an assessment of environmental effects.

We can work with you to identify the environmental effects of your proposed project and advise you on how these could be mitigated or avoided. This may include negotiating with other stakeholders to achieve a desirable outcome. For example, negotiating with the NZ Transport Agency for developments which include access onto State Highways or with regional councils for developments on flood-prone land.

We’ll then prepare a professional Assessment of Environmental Effects report to submit with your application.

Resource Management Hearings

Sometimes the resource consent application process requires a hearing. We can attend these hearings with you and provide expert planning evidence in support of your application to help ensure the consent is granted.

Resource Consent Appeals

If you have had an application for resource consent declined, or unfair conditions put on it, you have the option to appeal in writing to the council or Environment Court.

We can review the reasons your consent was declined and advise whether it is worthwhile lodging an appeal. We’ll help you prepare for the appeal and attend the hearing to provide expert evidence to support your case.

Private Plan Change

For a large project on a property that doesn’t meet the relevant planning requirements, you may consider requesting a private plan change. A plan change makes changes to specific parts of a district or regional plan such as the zoning of an area of land or the building design rules that apply.

A private plan change is more time consuming and costly than a resource consent but it provides more flexibility for ongoing development, which can make it more appropriate for large scale developments.

Our experts can advise you if a private plan change is likely to be an effective and efficient way to meet your objectives. We can also assist you with the application process, by compiling the complex reports and analyses required and by ensuring a close working relationship with the council to minimise delays and costs wherever possible.

For other related services we provide, please see our Land Development and Subdivision pages.

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