Bonisch specialises in the project management of large infrastructure and land development projects. Our team of 32, based across our four South Island offices, has been instrumental in the project management of land development projects through New Zealand for over 20 years. Over the last five years, Bonisch has also specialised in the project management of large infrastructure projects ranging in size from $30M to $100M. We have a reputation of being the "go to" team for the delivery of complex infrastructure projects.

Project Scope and Delivery Strategy

With any project there is uncertainty over costs, concerns about potential delays and, more recently, tight financial constraints that may impact on project feasibility. Whilst the majority of our projects are of medium scale, it is still important to develop a scope and a range of project delivery methods that can successfully manage cost, schedule and resource risk.

The spectrum of project delivery strategies range from those where the owners are fully involved to where their involvement is minimal. In practical terms for example, the strategies can vary from those where the owner is hands on in the design, consenting, construction and compliance phases through to those where the owner has minimal involvement and relies on the consultant and contractor to deliver a turn-key package.

Bonisch Consultants work closely with clients during this scoping phase to ensure a thorough assessment of key objectives so that the right delivery strategy is identified. This approach ensures scope creep is well managed, which will ultimately maximise project performance.


For many project owners the greatest risk in choosing to proceed with a project is cost. As projects are developed in the context of revenue generation or minimum acceptable financial rates of return, cost is king.

Bonisch Consultants have amassed an up to date database of real world costing information that can be utilised in assessing the viability of a project, or assist in the initial purchasing of land. Based on scope and strategy we develop costing spreadsheets that summarise each phase of the project along with an associated cost estimate.

Spreadsheets allow the accurate scheduling of the must-haves which are required to meet minimum consent requirements or engineering standards. They also assist with the trade-offs between the nice-to-haves as, while these tend to increase quality, they also impact on both cost and time of delivery.


Cost is the most important but the time to completion is also highly relevant. With some land based projects, dairy conversion for example, time is more important than cost as a herd of dairy cows at the beginning of milking season will not wait.

Time is money; delays caused by poor planning and design, inefficient coordination of work among contractors, late arrival of materials, difficult site access, adverse weather, unexpected site conditions and other time related issues can quickly drain the project contingency budget.

We manage the variables with a dose of common sense and up to date project software that allows accurate project reporting and day-to-day tracking of the project critical path.


On time: on budget. The best costing information and the most detailed project scheduling is meaningless unless the right resources are in place to successfully build and implement the project.

Subject to the delivery strategy, Bonisch Consultants appoint a key Project Manager tasked with managing the project to a successful conclusion. These tasks may include;

  • Client Liaison
  • Consent Management
  • Design and Approvals
  • Contract Tendering
  • Construction Observations and Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Additional Consultant Engagement
  • Compliance

Managing people and resources means having the right people, with the right skills to head up project implementation. Bonisch Consultants meet this challenge with innovative strategies that combine expertise and knowledge from a range of professional disciplines.

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