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Surveyors are the experts in assisting with land related projects, whether it is a simple legal boundary location or a large scale construction project.

The Licensed Cadastral Surveyors and Registered Professional Surveyors at Bonisch Consultants have the knowledge, experience and a suite of state of the art equipment to assist with your project.

Legal Land Surveying

Ever wondered what surveyors are doing looking through that funny camera thing?

Surveyors are tasked with surveying and maintaining a legal framework of survey information that directly relates to legal property ownership in New Zealand.

Boundary Redefinition

Not sure where the fence should go?

Extending your house or building close to a boundary?

We can reinstate your boundary pegs to ensure your property is accurately defined before fences are constructed or house extensions made. We then produce a diagram detailing the work undertaken for your property file or for council records.


Legal land surveying is a component of land subdivision; whether it is an urban or rural freehold, a unit title or a cross lease subdivision. Please refer to our Subdivision insert for a full process breakdown.

Easement Survey

If you need to register an easement on a title for servicing or access, then Bonisch Consultants can undertake an easement survey and liaise with your solicitor to make this happen.

Emissions Trading Scheme

Land tenure and the new science of carbon accounting are two key components of a robust and viable emissions trading scheme.

Clear and legal title to the carbon stocks present in a forest is vital to ensure confidence in a scheme that is in its infancy. Whether it is freehold or leasehold, Bonisch Consultants will be able to assist with any questions you may have.

Site (Topographical) Surveys

A blank canvas?

Before any design work starts on your project, commission a site survey to ensure your project is based on accurate information.

A site survey details all information contained in and around your site including ground contours, drainage/service information, trees/vegetation, kerb-lines, footpaths, driveways etc.

Our surveyors can assist with the gathering of this information by utilising modern GPS surveying equipment.

The information is then displayed in both paper and digital formats, and can be forwarded to architects or draftspersons for further design. This information can also form the basis of a subdivision scheme plan and assist with any civil engineering or servicing design work that may be required.

Farm Mapping

Maximise the most of your farming asset with an accurate farm survey detailing paddock sizes, stock access, shed locations, water reticulation layout etc.

This information is a valuable tool in farm management. It can also assist with future planning, such as when making improvements to drainage or irrigation systems.

Farm maps are also useful for topdressing contractors.

Site Set-Out and As-Built Surveys

Is your ‘eyeometer‘ not quite right?

Our surveyors can accurately set out your civil construction project to ensure design tolerances are met. We have experience assisting with road set-outs, carparks, sports fields, tennis courts, as well as a wide variety of commercial and industrial installations.

Once constructed we can then survey and produce an ‘as-built’ record to either prove compliance or provide an accurate record should things need to be referred to in the future.

Mining/Volumes Surveying

Modern modelling software can utilise topographical survey information and calculate volumes of every shape imaginable.

If you want to know how much gravel is in that pile or how many cubic metre has been dug out of a hole then we can accurately determine these volumes for you. Why guess when every metre counts!

For other related services we provide, please see our Building & Construction Set-Out and Subdivision pages.

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